Acne and your Dermatologist

Acne and your Dermatologist

There are many good acne treatments that you can buy from your local drug store, but you should always be aware of possible side effects. Many people choose to treat their acne by themselves and this is fine if it works for you. But if you find yourself suffering from reoccurring acne then it may be due to the treatments you choose. If you notice negative side effects of your acne treatment, or if you find that they do not work, you may need to consult a dermatologist.

Acne can have a whole series of causes on your face that you may not be aware of. This is why a trip to your doctor may be beneficial. They have full medical training and their expertise is with acne. So they may be able to prescribe medications that you can’t get over the counter. These treatments may have side effects too, but your doctor can help you to navigate your way around them. Prescriptions acne medication may be more expensive, but the cost overtime may be worth it when it comes to acne free prevention.

If you choose to visit a dermatologist then don’t take that opportunity for granted. It may mean that you will have to get more serious about your acne treatment. So that means staying out of the sun and stopping smoking if you are a smoker. You will also have to wash your face regularly and keep up with the treatment. Many methods to fight acne take a few weeks to have any effect. So once you start your treatment, stick with it because results will only come if you stay dedicated. Most importantly, keep your head up and maintain your confidence. Acne can be an embarrassing problem, but it can be handled in a healthy way if you are patient.

Want to find out more, there are many online websites that can help show you how to get rid of acne. Search the Internet and you’ll get all the info you need.

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    Thanks for the tip E. Brooks. Awesome of you to share!

  2. E. Brooks says:

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