About Men’s Tennis Apparel

About Men's Tennis Apparel

In the 1930′s Bunny Austin broke out and started wearing tennis shorts and while the framework of men’s tennis shorts hasn’t changed to a great extent since their introduction, the styles, colors and functionality certainly has changed.

In the early days all players wore long trousers and sweaters that were all approved by the rules and regulations of Wimbledon. The typical tennis player wears tennis shorts, tennis shoes, light socks and a polo-style shirt and a range of players now wear additions such as headbands and wristbands to help them stem the constant flow of sweat from the face and hands.

John McEnroe and Björn Borg’s “short shorts” by some are considered the fashion setters for Wimbledon but it was the legendary Andre Agassi’s wide variety use of colors that caused a bit of a stir with the more traditional style of tennis clothing and pushed the era of “rock star” into the game of tennis. Now that sports marketing is now a massive industry, all types of tennis clothing is festooned with the various logos of the apparel makers. Its not surprising that the leading manufactures of tennis clothing are also the leaders of athletic clothing’s. These include well-known names such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok. All of these brands have marketed their products not just for the athletes but also for the general public and its not uncommon to see any age group wearing a pair of Nike’s!

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