A Solid Workout with EA Sports Active for Wii

A Solid Workout with EA Sports Active for Wii

For a many people, exercise is a chore, not a fun activity. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. The release of the Nintendo Wii EA Sports Active has made it possible for people to workout while having fun, all in the comfortable setting of their living room. These workouts are far removed from the late night TV ab cruncher advertisement gimmicks. The exercises on EA Sports Active really do work. However, we will talk more about that later. First, we will have a look at what this game has to offer.

One of EA Sports Active’s best features is that it functions as a personal trainer. The game provides you with the opportunity to partake in 30 day challenges. These are a range of set programs which are to be followed for a month. The challenges are designed to provide you with a small goal to achieve and to help you to get used to exercising regularly. It is often the case that people will become a member of a gym and feel like they have been tied down. The 30 challenge provided by this game means that you are only committed for 30 days.

You may come to the opinion that a 30 day challenge will not be favorable. You may believe that after 30 days, you will have lost the will to continue on your mission to improve your fitness. The reality is that once 30 days’ training has been mastered, your motivation will be that high that you won’t consider stopping. After 30 days’ training you will wonder why you had not started exercising in this way much sooner! You will find yourself becoming one of those seemingly crazy individuals who actually find pleasure in working out. You will be able to relate to those who love exercising.

As previously mentioned, EA Sports Active features workouts that really do work. Do not be tempted to waste your hard earned money on ab crunching devices that promise outstanding results but will not actually deliver. Ab exercises are not effective if you wish to burn body fat. They are only effective at strengthening the muscles in your abdomen. The ab crunching industry may, in fact, be one of the greatest marketing cons ever invented. Similarly, all those excessive cardiovascular workouts aren’t as good at promoting health and a trim figure as might have been expected. EA Sports Active workout programs are created to motivate you to partake in optimal cardio workouts. This will promote good health but will not cause you to burn out from too much exercise.

The most excellent exercises on this fitness game are the strength-based ones. These exercises are recognized by sports scientists as the key to rapidly changing your body composition as well as improving your overall health. These exercises include curls and lunges and presses and squats. A common misconception is that these exercises will build too much muscle. However, unless you eat like a bodybuilder, these exercises will only tighten and tone your body, improving its appearance for the better.

The game may be combined with various Nintendo Wii accessories. A leg strap will allow your movements to be viewed on screen while a resistance band will allow adjustment of the intensity of this game’s numerous strength workouts.

If you are trying to decide whether this game would be a better investment than the Wii Fit then bear in mind that both games serve very different purposes. The Wii Fit with its Wii Fit Balance Board is more focused on improving your balance and features a greater amount of yoga exercises. EA Sports Active meanwhile is akin to setting up and making use of a personal gym in the comfortable surroundings of your home.

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