A Reason You Maybe Feeling Bad

A Reason You Maybe Feeling Bad

One would never suspect that that one piece of whole wheat bread could cause intestinal cramping. Problems of sinus and indigestion could be symptoms of gluten allergies. People feel bad and never know the reason why.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. Because of the prevalence of wheat in our diet, a lot of us have developed gluten intolerances by repeatedly eating these grains. Symptoms of gluten allergies can range from respiratory problems, stomach cramping, rheumatoid arthritis as well as bloating and stomach upset.

Celiac disease is a genetic predisposition to gluten intolerance. In gluten allergies, an allergic response develops over time the person with celiac disease never had the ability to digest gluten. Celiac symptoms can often show up as crones disease or autism. Crones disease is the sever erosion of the intestinal lining and Autism covers a wide range of behaviors that interferes with a persons ability to live a normal life. Not everyone with celiac disease will be autistic or have crones but they are more in danger of developing these conditions if the celiac symptoms are not dealt with.

Gluten intolerance can be managed with basic supplementation and with diet. If the person is not a celiac, they can tolerate small quantities of gluten in their food. People with celiac should not consume any gluten. Do not despair today there are many gluten free grains like rice. Through the creative use of gluten free flours, there are breads and baked goods that have similar textures of wheat flour products.

Eliminate the gluten grains for six to eight weeks and gradually add them back in. If the symptoms return then you probably have a problem. Consider your next step as an adventure and explore different gluten free grains like Quinoa or Millet.

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