9 Super effective tips for keeping the weight off

9 Super effective tips for keeping the weight off

When you’ve finally reached your goal weight – through hard work, sweat and sometimes tears – you have to continue to work hard instead of just sitting back. Because if you don’t, you will start to pile the pounds on again. To make sure that that don’t happen, here are 9 smart tips that will help you to keep the weight off:

  • Make regular exercise a habit – Regular exercise should be a habit just like brushing your teeth are – it should come naturally. Aim to get at least 4 exercise sessions in a week. Make your own home gym with these at home work out equipment.
  • Eat as healthy as possible – Eating mostly healthy foods will help you to keep the weight off because healthy foods are lower in fat and calories than otter foods. You should also always prepare your food the healthy way.
  • Include fat free dairy products in your diet – Doing so will speed up your weight loss thanks to the calcium in fat free dairy products.
  • Control your cravings – You will have cravings. It’s how you deal with it that matters. Keeping smart snacks nearby like nuts, fruit, yogurt and raisins will help you to soothe your cravings.
  • Include healthy fats in your diet – Healthy fats keeps one fuller. These include olive and avo oil, fatty fish, nuts and olives and avos.
  • Take up a new sport – Playing a sport will help you to blast calories all the while you are having fun.
  • Don’t restrict the treats entirely – When you avoid all treats completely you will binge on them sooner or later. Rather still include them but on a smaller scale – only have one block or a smaller serving.
  • Bulk your meals up with salad, soup or vegetables – If you want to keep your weight off, half of your plate should be veggies or salad.
  • Get as much free exercise in as possible – Free exercise will help you to burn more calories. Do things like taking the stairs instead of the lift and walk your dog more often.

In order to monitor your weight and to make sure that you don’t pick up any more weight, I recommend weighing yourself once a month. When you did pick up some weight, don’t stress, just do the best exercise to lose weight fast and you’ll soon be at your goal weight again.

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