4 Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Diet To Lose Weight

4 Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Diet To Lose Weight

Trying to work out how to lose weight and to stay slim is on the minds of so many people.  Often people are looking for a magic answer but really, it just comes down to making some simple changes to your lifestyle.  Here are four tips to look at:-

  1. Cheese - Cheese can be very fattening however it’s also very difficult to give up when you are trying to lose weight.  Luckily there are some ways to work around this.  For instance there are many low fat cheeses on the market.  If you don’t like these then you could try to buy extra strong cheese but use less of it.  If you like adding cheese to your sandwiches, you could look at other fillings such as herb paté.
  2. Herbs and Spices – If you feel that your diet food is dull and boring then you need to get experimenting with herbs and spices.  They really do add a lot of pizazz to a dish without the need for lashings of fat, cheese, cream and salt.  Herbs and spices to experiment with include oregano, parsley, cumin, nutmeg and turmeric.  Indian, Chinese and Thai dishes often have a lot of spices in them.
  3. Salads - A lot of folks think that salads are for rabbits.  If you think this then you should really think again.  There are so many ways you can make a salad exciting (well as exciting as a salad can be!).  Ingredients you should consider include chard, rocket, cherry tomatoes and even nasturtium flowers.  Also experiment with dressings which include ingredients such as balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic and walnut oil.  Remember:  if you are using dressings with oils containing essential fatty acids (EFAs) this is perfectly fine and healthy for you and should be encouraged.
  4. Drinks - Because wine has become a lot cheaper in recent years, more and more people are drinking it on a regular basis.  People think nothing of drinking a whole bottle in an evening after finishing work.  The problem is that it’s terrible for those who are trying to lose weight.  So, from now on, instead of drinking wine (or any other kind of alcohol), you should drink some green tea instead.  There are many on the market and there are those who say that Tava Tea is very good.

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    One of the good choice could be green tea to help you lose weight!

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