3 Quick Tips To Avoid Fitness DVD Burnout

3 Quick Tips To Avoid Fitness DVD Burnout

You’ve been faithfully working out to your favorite fitness DVDs for a few months but now they are becoming boring and frankly you could perform each routine with your eyes closed. Before you give up on fitness DVDs all together try these 3 quick tips to avoid fitness DVD burnout before it’s too late.

1. Don’t do the same DVD every day.

You should have at least one fitness DVD for each day of the week. If you are using the same one or two videos each week then this could lead to burnout quicker than you can say calorie burn. Low on funds?  Then head to the library and check out a few free videos each week to mix things up. When you have exhausted your local library stash, access more videos for free via inter-library loan or hulu.com.

2. Vary the type of workout each day.

Love aerobics?  That’s fine but you may be limiting your results and contributing to your yawn factor as of late. Incorporating a few muscle toning, stretch, kickboxing, and yoga fitness DVDs to invigorate your weekly routine is a must.  An investment of $50 in a few new videos should do the trick if you have the cash. Some are as cheap as $10 each at Wal-Mart. Otherwise, head to the library – stat!

If you’re worried that you won’t burn as many calories if you incorporate a different style of training then try a Polar F4 or other heart rate monitor to automatically record the total calories burned over several workouts. Up your intensity level if need be.

3. Get a new face.

A new instructor face, that is. If you are stuck on Jillian Michaels, then it’s time to bring in some Kathy Smith, Jari Love, or Gin Miller. Each instructor has her own style and means to keep you motivated. A fresh face helps you focus more on the actual instruction as opposed to just going through the motions of your all too familiar routine. It’s also nice to see different people in the background, isn’t it?

Bonus Tip:

Establish a new video rotation schedule each week to head off burnout at the pass.

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