2 very interesting monavie and diabetes facts

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If you have not yet heard about the monavie drink, then you should know that it is a relatively new health juice that some people find quite useful. It has been praised by many as it seems it can help in diverse health issues. One of the things people say it helps with is diabetes. There seems to actually be a relationship between monavie and diabetes that can’t be denied. This connection is mainly existent because of some of the ingredients found in the juice. These ingredients are already being used in formulating treatments for diabetes. Let us see two of these ingredients:

1. The first is the bilberry which is a small, blue fruit that is very tasty. This fruit is known as a sort of remedy for an affection called night blindness. The fruit is also used for treating some diabetes related eye disorders which puts it on our list of fruits that can help against diabetes. Because of its use in treatments for such affections that related to diabetes, the bilberry fruit is an important adding to the whole monavie drink.

2. Another great ingredient of the monavie juice is known as the goji fruit. People also call it wolfberry or “the herb of longevity”. This last name is used in China and describes the feelings that Chinese people have towards this fruit. Most of them say that it is a wonder fruit that can slow down the aging process. Being present in the manufacturing of treatments for diabetes, also puts this fruit on our list. The fruit is also known to improve the immune system and is generally good for our health.

These are just two of the main fruits that make this juice called monavie. After looking only at these two and we also analyze some monavie and diabetes testimonials we can say that a connection between these two seems to actually exist.

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  1. azie says:

    I’m having hypertention and diebetes.Which one should I take?

    • Editor says:

      Azie, thank you for visiting our site. I’m sorry that we can not advise you over the Internet. If you have hypertension and diabetes, you really need to seek the advice of your doctor.

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